Grand tour racing

Hear me out. Zwift organised stage races for teams. Say 4/8 riders, one guy is GC the rest domestiques (maybe a sprinter if they do a sprint stage) the GC starts with no power ups the domestiques get 6ish random ones, but they can give the GC any of their power ups at anytime as long as their close to the GC. Could make my mates ride a bit more on Zwift I reckon.

I was thinkin of organizing Stage racing for Teams of up to 6 riders.

  • Team Classification on Time (best 3 riders each Stage)
  • General Classification on Time (GC) with Bonus seconds
  • Sprint and KOM Classification (Points)

The only problem i have is that not that many Teams are interested of doing multiday stage racing and with so many Zwift HQ Events (Zracing, Tour de Zwift, Watopia etc.,) and ZRL, FRR, Thursday’s TTT, there isn’t that many free spots on the calendar. Chasing Tour did a great job of filling the summer months but that isn’t really a Team competition.

Yeah there’s no real team focused racing is there.

ZRL wants to be but it’s to much of a sandbagging paradise…and it’s to heavy on the segment points.

That’s the tough part finding a time slot and it’s a huge amount of work to get teams involved. Really need a slick signup process or getting the traction with teams is so hard…back to the zwift API access ZHQ make it really hard to try put on new event formats it’s not really worth the effort unless you have a team of willing helpers.

Depending how many stages you are looking at could look to run over the weekend. Fri/Sat/Sun might be the best option otherwise you starting running into other team events like TFC, Dirt, TTT that some riders do regularly.

The 5v5 league series is getting a bit of traction now hopefully we can get some more teams involved for next series in May. Some really interesting tactical races there with more teams should bring better competition.