Weekend tours

Create weekend tours with series of events

Must be announced some time in advance

For EU / US /ASIA etc like KISS/ZTR.


Fri: Tempo/TT

Sat: Mountain route

Sun: Crit/Flat course


I did this over the summer with two Grand Tours running every Sunday over four weeks each: the Tour de ZHR and the ZHR Vuelta.

Due to its success, I’m planning on creating a bigger Grand Tour over the winter, running on different days and incorporating every course available on Zwift. I’ll be announcing it on FB but keep your eyes open on our FB page: www.tinyurl.com/TeamZHR

I would be interested but due to the fact that I do not use social media such as FB, can’t this be incorporated into the Zwift website?

I already lose out on loads of information by not using FB and I can see that it is my fault for not wanting FB in my life but can’t we have a section on Zwift .com with all updates?

Until now where the races are clickable on the Zwift front screen, I never had info about races. Now, at least I can see what is on that day and I will start racing soon.

I guess I am not alone but … maybe I am…

I know what you mean! When Zwift started, I wished that everything would be handled through Zwift’s website and not have to rely on FB.

The Zwift App has done a lot to access people who aren’t FB or haven’t joined the necessary groups. I put most of the race details on the Event Description and there’s also the official calendar at www.zwiftcalendar.com

I only got the app 2 weeks ago as my previous phone was not compatible with the app. So. I will see what I can find. I need to work out how it all works first.

It’s the necessary group thing I am uncertain about, likely Cat “Z” or something lowly.

I do not exactly know what power (if any) I have and what to sign up for (but I will do it anyway … somehow)