Ideas! Zwift should do the grand tours!

Take note zwift, we are all going to be stuck indoors and a lot of us racers are going to be missing out on the real world racing scene!

Zwift needs to tackle this by introducing more series of racing to create objectives and goals and progress. Especially with The Tour of Watopia now over, well it is for me I’ve done 5 stages! So what’s next?

Zwift needs to bash their heads together and think but let’s start some ideas.

  1. Proper tours aka le tour, giro and vuelta. 3 weeks of daily races. Timed stages added up to create general classifications. That’s everyone’s motivation to keep going, what’s your end GC position. No need for cats. But end positions could serve to establish cats! Obvs be good to have jerseys a competition within the competition.
  2. TT hill climb season, as above but all climbing, maybe every sunday morning keep it real.
  3. Hour record attempt table. Zwift needs a track! If it doesnt already but I dont know where it is.
  4. Introduce league tables, with relegation and promotion, this could help categorize riders for races! Sick of seeing people in cat D races having times that would win the cat B!
  5. Individual start times for TT slots, 5 second staggered starts for a proper TT. Make it GC event.

Key is to keep riders motivated and competitive!

I have been thinking about this myself. Yours is a great idea. If anyone can do it the Zwift Team can.Lets keep the Tours alive on Zwift!


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I wonder if Zwift could incorporate some of Google earth images or Google street view to enhance the visual and make it feel/seem like we are riding in the Alps or Dolomites.


Cheers Bob, can you like the post too, dont know what it takes for this to get noticed :+1:t2: