ZRS Zwift Race Series 1 day only?!

(Caitlin) #1

I got really excited to join the running ‘race’ on the new Giro course (Hilltop Hustle) which I enjoyed cycling. However I’ve just seen it’s only available for one day (tomorrow, a Sunday) and no others. Is this going to be the case for all of these races? Really disappointed. At least give us a few mid-week days when a lot of people are training from home. I run and race outside most weekends as I reckon a fair few people do. Tour of Watopia on the bike has worked really well it seems giving people a week to do the workout. It’s good to have a time limit to make you find the motivation and get on to doing it, but it’s unrealistic that people can fit one specific day into their lives. At least give us a couple of days chance to do the running course!? What a shame.

(Chris Hanger) #2

It looks like two groups. Group A with no treadmill grade. And group B with treadmill grade. How is that gonna work?

Gonna find out… I’m up in 50 minutes…

(Chris Hanger) #3

Treadmill grades were suggestions. Fun race

(Caitlin) #4

Nice one, well done! I’d have so loved to have had a go. Just such a shame they only offered it for less than 24 hours. Once Zwift run is a paid for product this kind of thing is what means I won’t pay for it! On cycling we got 3 days to give it a go. Why do runners get only 1??

(Chris Hanger) #5

I really liked how many runners participated. Indeed, it felt more like a real race. I also got slaughtered. Again, like a real race…

Perhaps the one-day-only limitation was an attempt to get more runners on-course.