More roads, more worlds, more routes!

Please give us more kilometers to ride. Add a new island in Watopia, give us Italy or whatever. And please, more worlds to choose from every day. Three is not enough.

… and do squash the bugs, please.

With the start of the Spring Classics I cant help but notice that Zwift racing most closely resembles Classics racing , so a nice world that has all the Classic routes and all those iconic climbs would be awesome.,

Oh jeez there’s amazing roads and worlds let’s focus on the physics functionality and make the I lost count how many worlds there are and events all smoothly working. Not meaning to offrend! Just … when it was 1-2 whites (flat, hill) … heaven. I can’t believe how Koch is out there now. I stage ‘rode’ did the Haute Route event, Uber pretzel zwidt ibsider ride, learning to bike switch foe the jungle first, abs may buy a sterzo thing though love my climb.

Upvote for more worlds, or just expanding existing ones. I’d personally like to see the idea of “worlds” scrapped, and all the existing “worlds” be tied together with tunnels or bridges so that there is one huge world to explore and you can ride off of one map and onto another.

It would make longer rides much more interesting and varied. At present some of the worlds are wasted/idle - I’ve never ridden Bologna or Crity City since I don’t ride events and the worlds are not on world rotation or accessible by creating meetups, which is just stupid.