User maps? Problems and Solutions!

I know Zwift said that they don’t want this but I just feel like it’s mostly because it would remove the social aspect of the game. I just have one question: Does sticking everyone together have to be the ONLY way to make things social? I feel like I’d enjoy creating maps and I have lots of ideas that are stuck in my head. One aspect of the social part of the game could ALSO be… sharing worlds with others! (This would allow others to see your personality) For example: You could make a map, share it, and invite people to ride or run with you! You could get comments like:
“WOW!! Nice work!”
“You made this? This is awesome”
“Maybe we could ride together in my world tomorrow”… and so on!!!
Please Zwift! This would be AWESOME!!!

P.S: If you ever decide to change your mind I’m here to help you because I know of a GREAT solution of how this could work! Not trying to be mean or angry… just I think this would be a really awesome feature!

Ride On!