More FLAT routes, please

(Greg) #21

Got it. Thanks.

(lukas ranicar) #22

Im all for a flat route but why 28miles?

(Mike Lister (DACE)) #23

I’m guessing so they can do 4 laps (112miles) and simulate Ironman bike distance.

(Watt) #24

It would be nice to have a velodrome in each world that is 10KM long…Cheers to hoping one day we do get some 100% flat routes

(Daren) #25

They should be made to do 112 laps of a 1 mile route amirite?! :smiley:

Anyway, not all IM routes are flat, are they? Pretty sure IM UK isn’t. It’s near me, and nowhere round here is flat. I think it has around 2000m of elevation gain. Which I suppose isn’t huge over 112 miles, but it’s certainly not flat.

(Steven) #26

That route that @Godmother_Fox uses is actually listed as the Volcano Flat if you want to use it without manually entering turns. It’s currently the flattest route in Watopia - the original Watopia Flat route is slightly hillier, mainly because of the Esses section (between the sprint banner and the beach area).

(Greg) #27

Excellent. Thanks.

(G) #28

Would love a long flat route, I have used the trainer difficulty option which isn’t ideal,its just a workaround and not particularly a good one.

I am surprised Zwift hasn’t done this as it would appear to be a popular request and would add to Zwift’s appeal to the people who finds the climb’s boring or just want to train for distance.

For me I would like an 100 mile “ish” loop or the distance of an iron-man maybe, something I would find a personal achievement doing in one session.

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #29

I just saw that NYC has a new route that is pretty flat. It is only open for events. Maybe if you ask Zwift nicely it will be a option in free rides at some point

New York’s “Gotham Grind” - (9.2km elevation 86m)

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #30

Way too short though.

(Bhaltair Gruamach [DIRT]) #31

Personally, I would not consider a route with a 7.6% grade in it to be “flat”…

(Tony) #32

Flat course is something I have also been looking for.
Just returning to Zwift for a look and another go.

My reasons are simple and may be similar to others looking.
I am an older generation person that came to cycling not so long ago for fitness.
Thoroughly fell in love with the sport.
Unfortunately, heart failure left me unable to do much more than pedal for hours on the flats with just very short bursts.
Looking through I see some options. But if in the future, a course becomes available then great.
Flat course is great. Flat line, not so good.:smiley::smiley:


(Ricky) #33

In your case Tony, you could choose any of the “xx minutes riders choice” workouts (there are 45, 60, 90 minutes options, or create your own with a time span to suit).
Your in game rider will speed up / slow down depending on the gradient but you won’t experience any change in difficulty irrespective of the terrain so any route will feel “flat” :+1:

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #34

That’s not what this thread is about. Yes, if you are riding an incline you will slow down and your resistance won’t change, but that misses the entire point of this request.

Please read the entire thread and see why people are requesting a long flat route.

(Ricky) #35

Thanks Paul. I was replying to Tony’s comment with a short term fix which (I think) will help him do what he is asking for his specific reasons.

Please read the first four words of my post to see that :wink:

(AC Smith) #36

Ricky, it seems helpful suggestions and workarounds are frowned upon in this thread. Maybe Zwift has not done anything about this because they don’t get >>the point<< either.

I’m happy to use Workout Mode or the Trainer Difficulty setting to make sure I get a Z1/Z2 ride. It doesn’t bother me that my little avatar on the computer screen crawls up the hills. Maybe this bothers some people and they want to see that average speed as high as they can.

(Claus) #37

For me one of the key selling points of Zwift is a certain amount of realism. To tell everyone who likes riding flat routes, that they can just skip the entire realism thing is beyond the point.

I like my avatars speed to reflect the effort I put into my pedals. And I like to ride flat routes. What’s so hard to accept about that?

(Mike Lister (DACE)) #38

I’m not sure it’s that clear why people are requesting a long flat route of exactly 28 miles to be fair.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #39

We are requesting a long flat route, I suggested the 28 miles for a couple reasons. One, it would take over an hour to complete and two, 28x2=56 and 28x4=112.

The users who like to climb have been given more than enough routes, but the ones who what a flat route have been ignored. No everyone wants to climb.

(G) #40

Hi Aaron,
Its because its not request for help thread to the comunity, its people putting forward a feature request to Zwift, the workaround has already been mentioned.
Without going back through the thread I don’t think anyone has asked for a workaround or to flatten one of the mountain courses, just a simple flat route added.
You and others might be happy to do workarounds when you want to do a flat route but I would rather just log in pick one and ride it.