Love the 1/8 addition - Thank you BUT

could we PLEASE get a rolling route?  Like the Esses but much longer and throw in a few punchy climbs??  This is really commonly considered ideal cycling terrrain so not sure why all of Zwift is either __  or /.

again thanks for the London expansion!

Agree, thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

But I cant believe the game still exits you when you have saved and sent your ride to Strava, why can’t you stay in the game?? (Windows version)

Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere but only been on Zwift for about a month.




I’m hoping the spare island in Watopia is turned into a Ardennes / Flandrian style parcours, with rolling terrain, some Ardennes style climbs and a few shorter punchy cobbled climbs with a lot of scenery in between. Maybe even a spot of Roubaix!

Stick the Geraardsbergen and Huy there and I’m a fan for life! :slight_smile:


Stephen that is a Great idea! Yes that would be exactly what we need! Thank you for coming up with the details of the overal idea. Agreed I would be a fan for life with those courses! Now if we can get anyone at Zwift to read and understand!

I’m not a great climber (yes, this is my own fault), but the terrain I most often race/ride on is mosty flat with those “punch climbs”, so this would be perfect for me, too!

There already is a rolling circuit in the new London update - its just not selectable as a route.

So please vote up my suggestion :slight_smile: 


Gareth. Already have, but were talking about Watopia here and a larger future expansion there. My suggestion being a use for the un-developed island Zwift are no doubt working on somewhere…



Gareth, I up-voted your suggestion on your thread and agree it should be a course.  Would be great for races, group rides, and TTs…But it is not the rolling course we are asking for.  In the first 6.9 miles it climbed 158 feet.  Thats flat.  Also think the Esses in Wattopia and punchy climbs like the Tour of Flanders or Amstel Gold race.  So Zwift we _Rouleur_s are in still in need of the rolling course with punchy Ardennes climbs please!!