Foothills By-Pass connector!

As a follow-up to the Idea of adding a short Watopia ‘foothills-parkway’ connecting the two major bridges on the Mountain course,I have added a mocked-up map (with the new road segment shown on the map in red). This new segment would traverse the lower foothills of the Zwift Alps, and link the two bridges (before a rider commits to the full mountain loop). For the hard-core mountain goats, this could offer an upper-mountain loop without having to go all the way back to the BIODOME to start another ascent. For some fun, Tony Yruegas and the guys could even include a scenic ‘glass-bridge’ hanging-out over the cliff for a few meters as part of the connector. In any case (graphics- aside), the addition would add some variety to the base ‘Flat course’, while requiring a minimal amount of coding. The foothills connector would be far shorter than the underwater tunnel segment (and cover only approx. 1.2 miles), with no need to develope any ‘new’ scenery per se. There could be some minor rollers coded into this new segment to allow for the difference in elevation of the two bridges. I know the Zwift HQ team has a lot planned, but this seems to be something that would be relatively easy to add, and not take away too much coding time away from future additions and updates. Just an updated thought.


I think this a good idea to either shorten the ride or just take it easier certain days

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I’ll add them on the request list!

Stay tuned and Ride On!

I think this is a great suggestion.

It could also offer some variety to the mountain circuit in that you could start up one side, use the link road and finish up the other side thereby lengthening the climb. Or simply stay on the mountain loop all session long!

I’m also surprised we don’t have a bar/restaurant on the mountain top. A pass that’s open all year round, with thousands of cyclists every day…someone is missing out on a big business opportunity!


I’m hoping (and pretty sure) that after designing the stunning mountian route the Zwift guys will be using this as the base for lots more future developments.

The above is a good suggestion, but also I hope it’s enhanced in many other ways.  I’m not a person that likes hills at all in real life, but I’ve already riden the mountain many times, it’s that good.