Zwift Companion - Watopia's new southern coast routes

Picture should tell it all, but yep more than 49 routes exists in Watopia…

Isn’t that why it’s says 68 routes?


yep 68 routes and 49 badges, where does it say there has to be a badge for every route, and who really cares

The completion numbers are still wrong. 49/49 badges when there’s a not-completed route right there on the screen.

It’s not a new thing, though. Those numbers have been wrong ever since that feature was added into the companion app.


Well I’m guessing seeing that Beach Island loop has a star against it its been completed and the other 48 are below it as they are obviously listed alphabetically, and here for the record is the 28 out of the 49 that I’ve got

Mine looks to be at least correct in terms of completed vs. not completed. I show 47/49 badges, and have two routes (Accelerate to Elevate, and Shorelines and Summits) left to go. Not sure why your numbers don’t add up correctly.

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And the 18 that don’t have badges are event only routes

Me neither! Mine says 49/49 but I have Temple Trek, Four Horsemen and Uber Pretzel yet to do. :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe it’s an Android thing? Just as well I’m not too* bothered.


Look again. Accelerate To Elevate is right there above Beach Island Loop and is showing as uncompleted.

I assumed you hadn’t completed it

Yeah, I’m on iPhone which seems to add up ok, wonder if it’s an android issue?

If I* hadn’t completed it how can I* have 49/49 badges!?!?! :joy:

*not me. I’m not the OP

Sorry my original message is missing one key word, badge :see_no_evil: and yep, not big issue just so… Zwift …that those are not matching.
And the minor issue is exactly what many of you noted. 49/49 BADGE route completed which in my head says ALL of them, but no I have not. As can be seen with Accelerate to Elevate :sweat_smile:

And yep that’s on android, Samsung S11

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Yeah, it is possible there’s an Android specific issue on adding up those badges. They’ve fixed a few route issues that were android specific not too long ago.

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I have the same issue - Just did Accelerate to Elevate today and Android App now shows 49/49
However, I still have Three Sisters to do. I fully expect my 'phone to blow up when I complete it at the weekend then “Watopia Done!”