Zwift Companion route badge count is wrong (Android)[May 2024]

The number of route badges displayed in the world view of the “explore routes” feature is wrong. I’ve attached a screenshot from Richmond as an example, because there are only 7 routes and you can easily see in one screenshot that I have all 4 badges, but the count at the top is 0/4. I think all worlds have the wrong counts: Watopia shows 20 (I have 41), London shows 2 (I have 11), Makuri shows 7 (I have 32) etc.

On the previous screen (where all worlds are listed) the count for Richmond is correct, but some others are wrong: Makuri shows 33, but I only have 32.

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I just checked my Android Zwift Companion and do NOT see this issue. When I update my PC Zwift app version I also updated the Companion app. I don’t see what platform you are using (PC, Apple TV, etc.) nor your Companion version. Perhaps your Companion app needs an update.

Yep. Android user here, seeing the same issue with route counts.

AFAIK the completed route counts have always been wrong on Android.


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Noticed this morning in the Companion that the completed route badges within a world are wrong as shown in the pic:

It says 1/12 completed, though even in that pic you can see at least two completed. The count is right in the worlds list screen, though, which shows 9/12 completed:

Companion app for Android version 3.57.0 (1785).

The route completion totals have been wrong on Android ever since that feature was released :roll_eyes:

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Huh. Guess I never noticed. Well, hopefully this gets more upvotes for them to actually notice.

@Jessica_Leigh @heaths Hi! I’m Gian from Zwift.

Thank you for flagging this up and posting a detailed description of the issue!

Our team is aware of the badge count displaying incorrectly on the Zwift Companion app for Android and is working on a fix.

Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.


Your app can not…COUNT? :rofl: