Changes to Zwift Subscription Renewals [May 2024]

With the price increase and the ongoing UI-degredation for widescreen users i’ve been forced to evaluate my subscription.

I’ve been paying for zwift for many years now, and in that time i’ve been riding solo or with groups, and a tiny bit of racing.

And from what i’ve experienced zwift hasn’t actually improved for me over the many years i’ve been riding.
The app has been consistent, but consistently stagnant in performance improvements for PC whilst new competitors are growing in numbers, and the incresing number of competitors is also featuring good performance and similar if not better features and or graphics.

Now i KNOW graphics isn’t everything, far from it, but you can’t expect people to stick around when zwift is both performing poorly and looks like it should be running at 200fps at 4k on a 10 year old computer.

I’ve paused my subscription for now for the first time ever, and if there’s no serious bump in PC performance when i get back over the summer i’ll probably cancel this in favor of something different.

Thanks for now.