Badge collected but not showing

I’ve had the same problem on Casse Pattes today any chance it can be added to my achievements?)

I just had the same problem happen on Petit Boucle today. It showed up on the companion app but not in my badges on the Zwift app. I tried adding screenshots on here but they didn’t load.

Same problem for me today!

It happened to me as well. I rode the Park Perimeter Loop last week and today, I noticed the missing badge.

I’ve seen a strange behavior of Zwift on macOS once or twice, when the app didn’t close completely after saving the ride, but returned to the route selection screen. From that screen I could start a new ride, but the app crashed immediately. I’m not quite sure if this was the case after I’d finished the Park Perimeter Loop, but that would explain the absence of badge, because apparently, there was no clean logout. Can anyone confirm this?