PRL full badge not appeared

Did the PRL full on13/3/21. Had ant+ drop out on lap 2/3 , managed to get signal back and completed the route . The blue achievement banner appeared saying acievement completed and it shows up on my companion app activity as achievement but i haven’t been awarded the badge in my badge list. Trust me I will not be having another go at this route:(. Any ideas???

I had a similar experience on the same PRL Full Zwift insider group ride on 3/13/2021. My Apple TV crashed during climb #8 of what ended up being 12 Box Hill climbs. No badge and I would like to know if there is any way to get it without having to do the ride again (which isn’t happening anytime soon).

Did you get the blue banner at 174km sprint area? I did and it still hasn’t updated . I wouldn’t worry apart from the fact that it was a trauma of a ride.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys, but this has been a persistent problem for a long time. It happened to me yesterday with PRL Full as well. Support’s response to not getting credit for an almost 6 hour ride, despite the correct data being present locally in the Zwift app (plus screen shots from the ride), is “better luck next time”. Why they can’t resync the missing data from the app to the server is beyond understanding.

Have to say that is very disappointing to hear .

I am in firm agreement with you on that!

I participated in the Zwift Insider PRL Badge Hunt ride Saturday also, running Zwift on iPad Pro 2020. On lap 10, I said Hey Siri, meant for my phone, but it started Siri on the iPad and Zwift froze. Zwift restarted and knew I was in the middle of a ride, but it kicked me out of the group ride and it didn’t recognize I was doing the badge/PRL route. So on the 12th time up Box Hill, it didn’t redirect me, and I didn’t get the badge. I just let it take me up the hill again. Not sure why Siri breaks Zwift, but that wasn’t good. :cold_sweat:

Oh man - that sucks. Sorry to hear that. Going to disable Siri everywhere now!

my full PRL from zwift support
( despite be8ng credited in game, banner and extra drops)

“While I’d like to credit your account for the missing progress, I won’t be able to do so due to technical limitations”