Badge for UCI Richmond


I completed the Richmond UCI course yesterday and I did not get the badge. Did I do something wrong?
Any help or explanation appreciated.


Can you post the link to your activity? I am unable to find your name on Zwift, so Iā€™m guessing you have a different name in-game.

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Here is the link activity/624096237883865200
Thanks for your time

Hi @Eric_Hermetz, did you go under the banner a second time as you came to the end of the route?

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You did not get the badge on this activity because you received it on your April 30, 2020 activity: FTP Builder - Foundation.

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Good sleuthing @Nigel_Tufnel!

@Eric_Hermetz you can only receive the badge once for each route.

My bad ā€¦
I am still learning
Thanks for your time