Workout completed but Zwitft uploaded other entry

Yesterday I realized the workout 2x30 FTP Intevals but after saving the session, I could’t see it, instead I got Yorkshire route with shorter KM. It seems that my session got droped somewhere, even my drops and level got to 14 then to 13 later …
One thing I noticed during workout, at some point, I all riders appeard with orange jersey and named N.Valid. Maybe this when the bug started.


Hi Malik, this sounds a lot like a connection issue. “Not Valid” is the username that appears for riders when the username is not able to be retrieved, and the orange kit is the default kit that avatars wear while waiting for their selected kit to be retrieved. Since you were still seeing riders it sounds like just the bare minimum rider location data was actually making it through. This could also cause your activity to only partially save and have some data missing as well.

Thanks Lucas for the support, I will take note for next time.