Completed workout not registering in training plan

Dear Zwift support

I have just completed one of the workouts for the FTP workout plan. Although the activity is saved in the companion app and uploaded to Strava, it seems that the training plan did not register my successful completion of the workout. When logging in again on Zwift, Zwift proposes again to start with the workout and there is no green checkmark in my training plan overview.

It also seems my XP was not updated and I did not receive the badge for completing the associated route.

Please note that during the workout it seemed that there was no one else cycling in Watopia so this seems to be related to some connectivity issue at the time I was performing the workout. Could you please still link successful completion of my workout to my training plan please?

Thanks in advance for your support!
Kind regards

Hi Stijn - riders disappearing suggest you had network issues which cause a bunch of problems like you describe.

To avoid doing the workout again, you can click the “I Did it” button

Hi Dean

Thank you for your feedback. However, I would like my successful completion of the route, the drops/XP and badge that I earned to be registered. Would Zwift support be able to retroactively record this based on the successfully registered activity please?

Kind regards

Understood Stijn. Best approach is to log your request directly with Support@Zwift. Good luck. They traditionally will not do this and say its due to “technical limitations…” but you may well be the first (please respond back to this thread if they do as that will help others).

Since yesterday I encounter a somewhat similar issue. The completed workout is not registered and accumulated drops are lost as Zwift resets the number to 88k (in my case). However, the ride afterwards did show up in the Companion app, indicating that network problems were not the issue here. This problem keeps occurring by the way.

Hi Mark - your problems appear quite different to Stijn’s and like you say, unlikely network related.

Since you have continual problems of workouts not being registered, and drops reverting to 88,000, you are best to drop all the log files into a support email to Zwift as something strange is up and could well be a recent bug.