Workout not marked as done in training plan - Even though it is uploaded for sure

Hi there!

I just finished the first workout in the “Gran Fondo” training plan. It has been saved and is showing correctly in the Companion app as “SWEAT - Completed a workout” (also shown under “activities” as every other ride), and also it is uploaded to Strava.

But - The training plan itself still think its undone…

And weirdly - the drops earned from this ride has not been added to my “drops account” (approx 20 000).

What to do? :slight_smile:


Just did the second workout, and THIS ONE was automatically shown as completed. After reading other threads about approx the same I was very careful to quit the Zwift apps running on other devices than the one actually needed, AND I also manually (in advance) set the previous workout as done.

Dont know why it went right this time, but anyway - It did, and I’m happy.