Having a bad time with Zwift

Hi all
I have a couple of issues.
First issue. Today I did the Week 3, Day 4 of the Gran Fondo Training Plan. During the workout, I couldn’t see other riders around me, although it said there’s around 1400 other people cycling. I ignored it and rode on my own. As soon as I finished, I saved the workout as I normally do.
The workout appeared on Zwift Companion and on Strava (it’s synchronised). Also in Zwift Companion, under activities, it shows I completed the workout, but only with 2 other riders and no “ride ons” at all. I didn’t think that was an issue. Subsequently I went back into Zwift and it hasn’t ticked the activity (like if it has not been completed).
Second issue, I went into Zwift Companion and clicked on “Help”, and all the topics and title are now in French! My French is not very good. I didn’t change the language (if that is possible) and everything else Iain English.
Can anyone help, please?

Hi @Lenis_Losardo, this is generally an indication that your network dropped during the ride. You can put the log file from that ride into www.zwiftalizer.com to see if you had any network errors.

In the training plan menu you can click on the small “I did it” button below the workout you did so it will check it off manually (unless you use Apple TV, you can’t get log files from that device).

Not sure about the French situation?


Hi Mike

Thank you for your quick reply. Where do I get the log file from?
There were other issues too. It dropped the screen shots, I’m not so bothered about that.
I’ve just also noticed that the other 2 riders, were doing other activities and they did it 2 hours before me. So, they weren’t there either.


Thank you Mike. Let’s hope Zwift Support leaps in to my rescue!
The French language in the Help menu still there and somehow I feel Zwift tech guys should be able to link the actual activity file with the training plan.
Live and hope.

I had a look at my own Companion App, and sure enough, it looks to be french too, so its not just you Lenis!

Thank you Dean, for the information. At least it reassures me that I haven’t gone mad or have inadvertently made changes on my settings.
Let’s hope the Zwift Support Team read all this and sort it out.
Thank you once again.

I have never used the Help menu in Companion, but this inspired me to check it out. Sure enough: FRENCH!

Clearly not many people use the help from the Companion app or this would have been flagged a while ago.

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English for me, on Android

Well this is weird - mine’s English now? App has been open since I had a look earlier. :alien:

Hmmm. Mine also now in English, but with an added notification about BLE Connectivity issues. Well, it is Friday!

lol - too funny

Hey, ho!
Mine is English too now!! That’s so weird! Thank you Zwift Support! :rofl: