Terrible texts during workouts / training plans

(Claus) #1

I am currently doing the Gran Fondo training plan and I am getting a bit frustrated about the texts that pop up on the screen during the workouts.

First of all, the number of typos and language errors are embarrassing - it’s hard to believe this company is from an english-speaking country.

Secondly, the texts for todays workout kept referring to the big race being next week (I am on week 3 of 8!). It also referred to the Gran Fondo as being two times round The Pretzel, which is not the case this year.

I thoughts these messages were supposed to be motivational, instead I am desillusioned and shaking my head. It really shouldn’t take many minutes for someone to run through those messages and check, that they are without mistakes and up to date with the current schedule.

(Jim) #2

I have found that Zwift will fix any specific errors that you report, but that a general request for better proofreading falls on deaf ears.

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(Claus) #3

I really don’t feel like having a notebook with me on my workouts to write down all of the problems they have with these messages :slight_smile: And I cannot believe they want to look like amateurs. At least I hope that’s not the case…