Workout Text Messages?

I tried a custom workout today and the text messages didn’t display on the screen.

Is this an issue with the update of 10/2 ?


Hi Rob,

Yep, we’ve got a fix going out in the next update. Sorry for the troubles!


Thank you Josie. 

I was fearing that I’d done something wrong with the coding of the messages I had added into the workout.


Hey Rob, Glad I’m not the only one! However, I raised a ticket and Eric at Zwift informed me that their platforms are working as they should back at HQ. Asked me to uninstall and re-install, that still didn’t work.

I sent him a link to this post, let’s hope they get to the bottom of it quickly, its pi**ing me right off!! 

Something is not right somewhere.


Hi Mark

The non-displaying of text messages in workouts is a little frustrating.
I’ve crafted some for my use and my friends use that involve single leg drills and spin ups.  It’s useful to have the text messages appear in appropriate positions as prompts to help with the execution of the session.

Fingers crossed it will be resolved soon.