Ios Zwift and mobile link update - notifications and field lengths

New upgrade is interesting. I’ve noticed two problems so far:

  1. Mobile link now ignores messaging preferences. The apps busy pinging away on my iPad that group messages are there, despite the preference set to not see them.

  2. The font seems to have changed in iOS version of zwift to show cadence and heart rate. For instance if my cadence is 125 and my heart rate is 156, then it doesn’t fit in the blue box while it’s 6 characters long (excluding the indicator hr and rpm). Possibly needs to dynamically change font, e.g. if hr length and rpm length = 6 then Go down a size, Else standard size. I used to have to do this in crystal reports to display data correctly.

Keep up the good work!

Fully agree on the messaging issue. Those “Bloop” sounds every time someone does a group chat become very annoying when there are thousands on a ride. I set the app to ignore, no luck, set the phone to mute, still no luck. How do I turn the darn message sound off? Had to shut down the app in the end, first time since an app was developed that I had to do that.

Yes, it’s made it so that I now can’t use the mobile link app out of frustration.