Zwift Companion Release 3.46 [April 2023]

Hello Zwifters! Here are the latest updates to the Zwift Companion app version 3.46.0.


  • Fixed a bug with Leaderboards data where elevations were truncated incorrectly
  • Updates to Club Notifications Settings including turning on/off notifications per club


  • Usability improvements for Leaderboards
  • Fixed the “More Info” link shown when Zwifters try to update some profile details
  • Fixed a bug with Leaderboards where scatter graph PR data differed between Quarterly and Daily PR views

I’m not seeing the ability to turn off notifications per Club. What am I missing, @shooj?

Eric, go to the club, click on 3 dots top right, and then select club notifications

I don’t have that option. 3-dot menu just gives me Share Club, Report Club, Leave Club, Cancel.

Have you updated the companion app


Our apologies for the miscomunication. We checked our notes, and turning off Clubs notifications is feature on Android, not iOS.

surely with something like companion app, it shouldn’t make any difference on the phone OS

Thanks for fixing this, but now the months are still unreadable on my samsung s10 from the previous update.
For leaderboards, quarter

Hi Anders,

Have they always displayed like that since leaderboards were introduced?

I’ve a galaxy S10 and mine are fine. I wonder if it’s one of your phone settings that’s causing it? Have you changed font size perhaps?

I’ll change some of my settings to see if i can replicate it.

Edit…Just replicated it. If i increase the font size from settings…display it causes the exact issue. Looking at your screenshot it does look like your font is larger than normal.


Sure it does! It’s two totally different platforms (Android and iOS) - the code for the apps is also separate, at least in some ways. The layout of the apps varies, I know that much…


Hello, no it started with the previous zc version,i have not changed anything i’m aware of. But will check my fonts now.
Thanks! Not a major issue, but nice to read it.

Made the fonts 2 step smaller, now that works. But now to small in other apps, for an old man.
So i changed back, i can live with that.

I’ll carry on experimenting, might be a way to adjust the font for specific apps.

At least you’ve a workaround if you’re desperate.

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Not sure if possible but might want to fix the patchnotes on iOS for the patch that came out today; says we can indeed disable notifications per club.

Little strange this was announced as a major feature update, and we’re just now finding out that it’s not actually a universal change; quite confusing!
(But I am hugely looking forward to finally getting to do this so I can finally reenable companion’s notifications!)

I’m going to assume this is a Companion bug but maybe not. This person I follow has been assigned as a sweeper in the companion app.