Missing messages - print too small and stays on for too short

When I am riding, MANY times I miss messages.   By the time I realize a message has been posted, I try to focus on the too tiny font only to have the message disappear before I can read it.   Could there be an option for LARGER message font and a LONGER duration for messages to stay up?

Hi Karen - thanks for the feedback! If you have an Android or iOS phone, you could try is turning on messages on Zwift Mobile Link to bring the messages closer to you. 

I have them turned on - where do they show up?  I never see them on the app.  Maybe they don’t stay on long enough for me to notice them there???

Someday chat will hopefully be true chat window. Moveable, resizable, etc. And be able to have groups that you could opt in or out of (All, race/ride specific…)


Hi Karen - when Zwift Mobile Link is paired with the game, chat messages will appear from the top of your screen. Simply tap to respond within 5 seconds or swipe up to dismiss them immediately. 

White messages are group messages and orange are private messages.

Make sure you’ve enabled chat messages by navigating to Settings > Messaging.  

Creating a more robust chat group experience is on our radar. Stay Tuned!