Increase font for messages

(Joel Richards) #1

it would be good to increase the font size for the direct and group messages. Even on large displays the font is way too small… I guess it could take up a load of the screen for a short amount of time.


Also it would be good to get delivery confirmation for a message sent from the app, as there’s no feedback as to whether it sent or got delivered…

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

It would also be good to be able to look back at the messages as you can miss them.

(Lóan Burger) #3

I agree - messages are firstly too small - (Macbook Pro Retina 13") and they don’t stay on the screen long enough

(Jarek Poswiata [C#]) #4

It would be nice to see messages in bottom part (like “achievements”).

In mobile link additional panel, just for messages, to see whole conversation.

(Simon Whitford INC) #5

Just changed from running zwift from ios to a PC and the message text is tiny! I havnt tried this yet but if you scale text size in windows 10 would this scale in the apps like zwift?

(Gerrie Delport) #6

Simon what screen size are you using and how far away is it?


I use a 27" screen 1.5ft (450mm) from my handle bar and the font is perfect. 


(Lóan Burger) #7

This is quite an old thread but still seems to be an issue.  Since my above comments I no use a Microsoft Surface Book 2 15" with the 4k display quality on Zwift.  Font size is still too small.

In saying that the Companion app is pretty handy for messages for where I missed them but the notification is not that clear.

Id like to see a setting or slider to increase or decrease font size and maybe a louder sounding notification.