Companion App - Text size

Hey Zwifters,

I’ve been zwifting for about 18 months and feel that whilst I’m a member of a great group and love our discord banter, I’ve been missing out on the messaging element because my eyesight is pretty rubbish.

I managed to dig out an old tablet which I have mounted on my bars and installed ZCA. Was pretty surprised to find that the messaging and nearby zwifters (handy if racing) is really small.

I’m running ZCA on an Android tablet. Is there anything in the settings that I’m missing out on? Anything I can do to make the text bigger?

Ride on,

Check out the Accessibility settings on your Companion App device. You should be able to adjust screen sizes, fonts etc.

Many text messaging apps provide the ability to increase or decrease text font size by scaling with a two-finger pinch. Changing font settings on Android will affect text across many apps; the issue here is the font size on one particular screen of the companion app. I’ve heard a similar request from several other users: please make the font size adjustable on the message screen on the companion app.