Chat bug on new mobile app (Android)

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #1

Since the last mobile update (I’m using a Samsung Android Tablet), chat messages seem to be repeating over and over again.  It makes trying to follow a group ride leader very difficult, as chat messages are overwritten so fast.

Also, the chat popup covers up the buttons at the top of the riders list screen, and when they are constantly popping up, it’s nearly impossible (especially when riding at any effort level) to touch the buttons (to select “All Riders” or “Followed Riders”) at the top.

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #2

Also, it seems like the mobile client is more prone to disconnecting from the main game now.   The few times I’ve done a workout, the mobile client seems to lose track of the fact that I’m in a workout.  I’m not able to use the mobile app to pause, etc…


Workaround is to kill the app and restart it.  It seems to immediately resync.

(Todd Taylor) #3

I had the same issues.  I kept getting chat messages repeated over-and-over to the point where I could never click the “back” arrow and so I’d have to shut-down the app and start over to get to a different screen.  Weird.

I personally think text should show-up on the bottom of the screen instead of the top so they don’t block the back arrow.

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #4

Actually, I hate the idea of chat text  being in a temporary popover.  I miss 90% of it anyway, as my eyes are usually somewhere else.  

There  needs to be a chat log in it’s own dedicated page.   Maybe have the option to see a popup for direct messages from followers from ride mates or followers (once those features are live).