Chat Log

It’s nice that the beta mobile app shows chat messages, but it is still hard to catch messages when riding hard.

It would be nice if there were a scrolling chat log (perhaps as the fourth screen) that lists past chat messages (both group and personal) and allows me to PM the sender of the message (irrespective of whether it was a group message or a personal message).

Yes! I always miss messages. Also when you’re trying to use a power up and people are chatting, it gets blocked out which can be aggravating. A dedicated 4th screen for this is a must

I can’t believe this is not already implemented, Its very hard to read especially as the servers aren’t super fast, sometimes messages overlap and sometimes lag causes my message to not appear for several minutes. A chat box or screen is a must imo.

Bumping this. I recently got a PM (orange popup) but I didn’t see any name on the bubble. It was quite long and I think it was about inviting me to a local Zwifters community. I couldn’t follow that up because I was focusing on my workout. It would be awesome if I can review the chat log, especially private messages.