See name of user that sent message

(Christian Wiedmann) #1

It would be nice if you could see the name of the user that sent a group or private message. Right now it’s impossible to tell who sent it if they’re not on your rider list.

(Scott) #2

Coming to Zwift Mobile Link on a smart phone near you…:wink:

(Stewart G race3R) #3

Would also be good to be able to scroll through the last few messages as sometimes you can be typing and miss them. Maybe the last 5 or 10 would do?

(Marcus Durant) #4

How do you know if you’ve received a private message? is it obvious?

(Pawley Boboli) #5

Would be nice if one could set a custom tone when a private message is received.  This should be pretty easy to do for smartphones when using Mobile Link.  Even just playing the user’s’ text tone would work.

I have no idea if anyone has sent me a private message, so I could be talking about something that already exists. … Only my mother loves me…