Private Message

It would be helpdul when you send a private message from the Mobile App if the message that you SEND appears next to the name of the person to whom you sent it so that you know it went and so you can see what you inevitably mis-typed to avoid future confusions.

We’re still working on how we fully implement private messaging within game, but this is an interesting suggestion. Noted for sure!

Hi is it possible to keep your profile private.where no one can see your activities.

it appears people can type in your name and see all your activities. Secret training not an option anymore lol


In the Zwift App go to Settings>Privacy and set it to Private

Thanks Paul

when you have it on private what do people see when they search your name

can they still see the hours you have done just not follow…

thanks in advance😀

I tried searching your name and it comes up as Private with no info except for your profile pic and Country flag

Thanks Paul 

you were very helpful