Mobile app update and privacy...

 The new mobile app gives us great new features…

“Keep up with your friends’ rides in Zwift with your Feed. View your Profile to see your all-time Zwift stats, and to view your recent activities. Or view the profiles of your favorite Zwift riders to see how they stack up.”

But where is the option to set up the privacy, that my rides are only shared with people I choose and restrict it to public. this is messy! At least it should be possible to choose, like it is possible on strava where you can make rides public or privat…

there is a privacy feature under settings.

I have seen that, but I doubt this feature hides my rides to public!

This setting only switch “on” the approve for requests.

sooo whats the anwser?? can I keep my rides to myself or not?

Anyone get an answer for this? I would love to set my profile as hidden so I don’t get creeped on by folks seeing ‘how much I am riding or not riding’… 

Maybe change my name to something random? 


If you set your Profile to Private (like you have) no one can see your rides except your approved friends. All I can see on your profile is your name, profile pic and that you are male.

Paul, you are a rockstar. Thank you!!

I also found I can change my name, therefore nobody can search for me.