Strava File Not Saving As Private

I’ve noticed recently that if I choose to save my ride as private it doesn’t show as private in Strava. Its set to followers. I’m using Zwift on an Android phone.

Within Strava itself my default visibility is set to followers. So do the Strava settings override Zwifts or is there a bug?


I would have thought that setting a Zwift ride to private in Zwift would only affect what people can see in Zwift.

Your Strava default would be what decides what happens in Strava.

Possibly. The settings are Everyone, Followers and Private. Which do seem to match Stravas visibility settings.

Just set your Strava setting to Private. You can then choose an upload on Strava, edit and change the permission to Followers or All.

Can’t see how Zwifts privacy settings will or would have any bearing on Stravas privacy settings. Two entirely different companies.

Yep makes sense. My bad.