automatic private upload to Strava

It would be nice to change in settings so that our workouts could be automatically uploaded to Strava as private for those who would like this feature.

Currently, the only way to do this would be to use Strava’s feature to make all uploaded activities default to private. You can then make any activities public you’d like to after uploading. For details:

Are you looking for a way to make all of your Zwift activities private or just select activities?

I am not sure that is correct Scott B (unless if with not possible you merely mean not possible with Zwift at this point in time). As my uploads to Strava are set to public by default. Garmin uploads are public as such. Zwift uploads are public as such.

But now comes the however. Any upload I make from Tacx Trainer Software 4 are set to private.

Where does this exception come from?

In a very recent topic on Tacx Lunatix indicated this has to be done by them as the TTS is registering indoor trainer data, see the following topic:

This obviously is true for Zwift as well. So with the virtual ride flag, the requirement for private flagging of course is questionable. However, the way the Tacx software works does suggest it should be possible for Zwift as well. A user controlled option on that of course would be preferable, as some players may want their virtual rides out of their public profile and others do want to let them show up public.

What would be ideal IMO, is if the ‘save file’ dialogue box had options for ‘upload: Strava (with checkbox for private or public), Training Peaks, etc.’

I agree it would be nice to have Zwift rides default to private, and previously complained about linking to Strava automatically posting all Zwift rides publicly with no option offered to stop this (short of unlinking… which is what I did).

IMO, it’s very bad form to link to another account and then post to it publicly, akin to sites that use FB for sign in and then post to users FB accounts.

Now that the Event module is being tested, the need for supporting the Strava private flag is more relevant today.


Because while you are queued for an event and “warming-up”, Strava records your warm-up as a separate activity from the actual event. Thus, your Strava feed will have multiple activities for a single Zwift session.

I can see having three or more activities uploaded to Strava by Zwift for a single Zwift session. This sort of floods your Strava feed.

The first activity could be you riding while waiting for an event to offer. Then you join the event an another activity is created. Finally, the event itself creates an activity. Finally, if you continue riding after the activity, does another activity get created, thus totaling four activities for a single Zwift session?

I suggest that Zwift adds an option on the Settings menu that allows you to decide if event warm-ups should be marked as private when uploaded to Strava. 

It would be nice if on the Save/Discard Ride dialog you also provided a simple checkbox option to mark the activity as private.



I also agree that a simple checkbox to make the default upload public/private would be a highly desirable feature.

Me too: I also agree that a simple checkbox to make the default upload public/private would be a highly desirable feature.