Zwift Activity Privacy Controls - Third Party Sites

I’ve submitted this as a support ticket and have been asked to post here for this topic/support ticket to get more attention…

At present when selecting PRIVATE on a Zwift activity when saving, this privacy setting is not maintained when uploading to Strava. A PRIVATE ride in Zwift (user override) is still PUBLIC on Strava (my defaults).

I would like to see the activity privacy setting selected within Zwift passed though to partner sites such as Strava, overriding defaults. This was my expectation from the start - but isn’t my experience.

As this is a user privacy topic I hope it is given a priority and isn’t subjected to an upvote popularity contest for consideration. (yes, I’m salty about having to post here as well as a support ticket)…


Hi @Shane_Miller_GPLama you should post here more often, we like to chat with you, we are a friendly bunch. LOL

O i also did vote for your suggestion, not that I ever use the private function. But I see your point.


OK. Here’s where things are with this:

  • Strava indicate there is no way for privacy settings to be included within API uploads. This was an option in the past. This was removed. ALL uploads to Strava from third parties (eg, Zwift) will adopt the default setting of the Strava user. In my case, this is PUBLIC.

  • Zwift Support have indicated they do not have a way to set privacy settings on third party sides, as per above. However with my ‘pull with the community’ this topic should be noticed and looked into…

… right.

  1. This is a Strava issue at present. Their response was both lazy and dismissive of the importance. Strava are more than happy to take your data… but ask them to step up to the plate when it comes to this kind of control and they step back. Not good enough.

  2. Zwift need to inform users (at the time, or somehow) that marking a ride PRIVATE will still be uploaded to partner/linked sites without the same permissions passed.

  3. My pull with the community should have NO BEARING WHATSOEVER when it comes to user privacy/security queries and concerns.

This is a basic setting. It really is. Let’s see if the ‘pull Zwift have’ with Strava can get this looked into. I’m beating my head up against two brick walls.


This post gets referenced, so let me crosspost this response here.

I had hoped to see Zwift and Strava work together on this user privacy focused integration by now. Three years later the answer is still “It’s not us”…

Let’s put this into perspective -

  • When I upload a ride to Zwift the ride name gets passed through to Strava. :white_check_mark:

  • When I upload a ride to Zwift every single second of my ride data is also passed to Strava. HR, Power, Cadence, Speed, data points for EVERY SECOND OF THE RIDE. :white_check_mark:

  • When I upload a ride to Zwift and mark it as “PRIVATE”, that is ignored and the activity is passed through to Strava without that privacy flag set. My default activity privacy over there is applied. :x:

insert the double spiderman pointing fingers meme here

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