Zwift private ride to Strava private ride

(Dave) #1

The other day after finishing a Zwift ride (that I didn’t want anyone to see, initially), I changed the “Public” (default) option to “Private” before saving my ride. Afterwords, I was surprised to get Kudos on this ride on Strava. I was thinking the private-flag would carry over into Strava. If Zwift is uploading rides to other connected apps (like Strava, Garmin…) the Pubic/Private flag should be transferred as well. I realize this may require cooperation with the other apps. And I also realize I can jump over to Strava and change it myself. I’m just mentioning this feature because I believe most people would assume it works this way, and it would be nice and convenient if it did.

(Daren) #2

I certainly did. I’ve never marked something as private, but it’s absolutely what I would expect.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #3

I just had this happen to me. I got kudos on a ride that I assumed would be private on Strava after saving it as private to Zwift.

Edit: according to Strava, privacy is a parameter that can be added to the upload.

(Jerry) #4

I have the opposite problem. I make the ride public in Zwift, and it saves private in Strava. I think there is a setting in Strava that has to be changed to reverse this.

(Adam) #5

Zwift do send private data to Strava when the default configuration of all data is set to private (tested on my account). Then, to share a specific event or ride I just configure it manually in Zwift or Strava.
So it might be that Zwift transferring only the default configuration (private or public) and when setting separately privacy on different activities it would still send out the default data to Strava. But this hypothesis should be confirmed by Zwift support.