Messaging improvements ideas

The messaging feature is one of my favorite aspects of Zwift and also one which seems to be in need of some adjustment.
Things I’d like to see:

  • When a rider sends a message and they are not on the list of nearby riders, the message bubble is always at the top of the message field regardless of that rider’s relative position. It would be great if riders behind you had their messages at the bottom of the field, riders ahead at the top.

  • A “Whisper” function or some way to communicate with the group around you without broadcasting to the the entire event. This would allow conversation within a chase group or group of friends riding together without everyone seeing the text.

  • Scrolling messages rather than overlaying them. Move the message bubbles up the screen so that new messages don’t cover the old.


Agreed would be good to have in game,

Sauce overlay can already do your 1st and 3rd options.

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