Make chat messages easier to read

I use Zwift on a PC. During groups rides, for example, when there may be many riders chatting and responding to each other, it can be very difficult to read their messages. This is because messages can pile up on top of each other. This always happens if the rider is not in the rider list on the right of the main screen, eg, well ahead or behind your avatar. Surely messages can be placed dynamically or in a list to ensure that they never overlap.

For PC and Mac users who have a large main screen, why not make better use of it rather than forcing them to scroll around the app to ensure they don’t miss anything. This gives you a chance to read all messages without having to constantly look at the Companion app. On rides with lots of messages it can even be a challenge to keep up with the chat on the Companion app.

You can read chat messages via the Companion app. It’s not as immediate and “in your face”, but they are there, and you have as long as you need to read them.