Chat Screen Archive

Can you create a chat screen that archives a few pages of messages? Kind of like online poker? I miss a lot of messages because they disappear so quickly. Plus the font is so small.

There will be many updates to our chat feature as time goes on! :slight_smile:

I’d love to give my input here, but I’m sure you’re already well into the design.

Having the ability to see/scroll the chat in real-time in-game is advantageous, especially during rides.

Breaking that down by color (users in my group) vs. non-local chat would help. 

Putting the chat in a panel of the leaderboard that can pop in and out (or be clicked to open) would be nice as well. 

And post-game chat access would be pretty useful. After a hard ride or workout, I might want to see who gave me comments, kudos and other comments… possibly a “Read chat…” option from the Pause screen? 

But you’re on it, so I won’t drown you with too many ideas :)