Post workout message instructions on ZML messages section

Would it be possible to post the workout instruction messages to the ZML game messages section? Sometimes when I am doing a workout, I might have my head down for a few seconds, and I miss the instruction text on the workout. There is no way to see this again, and I thought the messages section of the “game” screen on ZML would be an ideal place to post them, just as you would any other message or leader instruction. You could then go refer back.

I appreciate that this might not work in all cases, such as solo workouts or group workouts that are in the general population, but could work for group workouts which are set up as private sessions (or whatever they are when it is just your group on the road)

Hi Steven, we’re working on such a feature for our companion app.   We hope to release this sometime this winter.

love this idea, I have the same issue