Workout messages/instructions disappeared

Hi All,

My in game messages/instructions that normally appear in the middle of the screen during workouts in riding and running or gone or almost gone. I don´t see anything in the settings and the only change I can thin of is the fact I recently installed ZC. Could you tell me how to get these back?

Hi @Ariel_Stepien!

I’ll be interested to see what others have to say about this. The first training I did was the FTP Builder and I only had messages about cadence a couple of times and then what seemed like a super chatty final workout - I thought it was a special feature of the last workout in the training pack. I was then surprised when I started the same program over from the beginning that the whole thing - every single workout - is filled with messages and instructions. I assumed that my FTP was so low the first time around that I didn’t qualify to get any messages, and that with my slight increase I suddenly was in a category that could get the messages (I went from 118 to 131). The only thing that changed was my FTP; all other systems and devices stayed the same. I wonder what the real explanation is…

There is no setting for the pre-programmed messages in workouts, they aren’t based on your FTP either. They should always appear. Some workouts just don’t have any messaging/coaching. It depends on who wrote them and if they took to the time to enter the text.

Hi @Mike_Rowe1,
That’s the strange thing about my experience: I am doing the same training program over again (Beginner’s FTP Builder 6-week version). I started the first go-around toward the end of September and then took a week off when I finished at the beginning of November. I am now in week 5 again of the same FTP Builder plan and have had the messages all along this time. Maybe they just coincidentally added those at the end of my first run-through.

Could be @Beth_Klawun, one of the recent updates mentioned something about fixing text in workouts, maybe they are new?