Training plans need some serious proofreading

Five of seven minutes isn’t halfway. Three 30/30’s are not two. The third interval is not the second. Bread is not spelled with a ‘k.’ A cool down is not a rest break.

A lot of these errors are cut’n’paste mistakes, I’m sure. But there isn’t that much text in these workouts. A little editing can go a long way towards making the feature seem a little more polished.

First impressions are hard to change.

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All great constructive advice. I’d like to alert our development team about this, but I’d like to ask for a few screenshots first. Would it be easier for you to attach them here or would you rather an email?

If anyone else is noticing the same thing, screenshots would be really helpful. If you can find an imagehost, you can upload them here or email them to us at I’ll make sure they’re directed toward our development team.

Thanks Jim,

Fixed them all except the “halfway” references, which I can’t make sense of. There’s no block of that workout that is seven minutes long. There are a bunch of “halfway” references, but they all come at 5min (or just about 5min) into a 10min block of work: 10min warmup or 4x2min/30sec.

Do you remember where you saw that? In the warmup, over/under, or 30/30s?



“Halfway” was 5 minutes into the 7 minute warmup for Novanta. The others were all from Ham Sandwich.


Thanks Jim! Found and fixed.