Workout authors must test their workouts

I vote that Zwift implement a new rule for the authors of workouts published to the app. This rule states that the author must actually ride his/her workout in Zwift as it will appear in the app - before it goes live to the public. There have been numerous posts to various forums about all sorts of issues; mostly to do with proof reading, grammar, etc.

Having used the workout builder many times myself, I have found that no matter how much I look at it and proof the text and functionality, there is always something I discover while actually riding the workout that needs fixing or tweaking.

For example, I am working through the “Gravel Grinder” workout plan and let me say first of all, I like the plan so far in only the 3rd week. But this plan has some issues that should be addressed:

1: The text from almost every workout is riddled with typos, poor grammar and misspellings.
2: The text shows up at the wrong time. For example, we hit a interval block and a bunch of text pops up bantering on about how this segment is to catch your breath, grab a drink and get ready for the next hard interval. The problem is, we are already on the “on” interval going hard. Finally we get to the “off” interval and the text pops up “GO GO GO!” Ok, we get the idea and inspiration is all well and good, but at the very least, please have it timed out according to the appropriate section of the workout.
3: Some of the text boxes that show up are long. Too long for slow readers riding at threshold to get through before it disappears. Spreading a thought out over two screens is a good idea. Either that or go with the idea that “less is more”.
4: Some interval blocks start right after and solid tempo effort. While at times this may be by design, it is not consistent or explained in the aforementioned walls of text. Given all the other issues mentioned above, I’m wondering if the author left a recovery segment out by mistake, both screwing up the text block times and putting me in further debt.

On one hand; hey its only a few typos - get over it. On the other, it’s way more than that. At the very least, credibility is at stake. We are lead to believe these workout plans are designed, written and published by qualified coaches who really know their stuff. If that were really the case, it seems reasonable to expect they would practice what they preach. Great! So it should be no big deal to implement a new rule: Practice what you preach! First! Ride the plan, proof the text, put another set of eyes on it, have your friends and clients ride the plan. Then, when it is perfect - publish to Zwift.

My mom would always say “don’t sweat the small stuff”. My dad would always say “if you’re gonna do it, do it right!”