A few minor human factors requests for workouts

First I love Zwift. I have never been able to ride a trainer and you’ve kept me on my bike through a nasty Pennsylvania winter. I’ve been doing your Build Me Up workout and have a few minor requests related to the human factors of the platform that I believe would be easy to implement.

None of these are critical issues but being on the bike hours at a time the small annoyances add up and start to really grate after awhile. In no particular order:

  1. Gates. For short (30 second) efforts could you place the next gate at a distance determined by the expected power level, not the actual power level at the start of the gate? It is really frustrating to start to pound zone 6, chest heaving, legs screaming, and see the gate go zipping off into the distance. Demoralizing really.

  2. Encouraging text. The text gets repetitive after awhile. Change it up a little. The bike facts are great. This is a minor issue but it would really show some care to at least feel like the robot isn’t repeating itself Maybe hire an unpaid intern?

  3. Build in 15 seconds. In a hour or two workout I find I need some time to “rearrange” every once in a while if you know what I mean. Also tighten shoes, keep shorts from riding up and so on. It would be awesome to build in a completely unstructured 15 seconds spread throughout long workouts so when you stop pedaling you don’t drop a star.

Again, love the product and all of these are really minor issues, but hey, it is the little things that matter in the long run

Maybe hire an unpaid intern? Come on , everyone deserves to be paid .

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