Can we get a quality control pass on training plan/workout instructions?

In my admittedly fairly limited experience of using zwift training plans (build me up last year and FTP builder this year) I’ve found that there are a significant number of errors in the instructional text (or the workout structure depending on how you look at it). Every 2 or 3 workouts there seems to be a reference to a number of intervals or duration that doesn’t match what’s actually coming up.

I’ve seen a couple of other posts on the topic as old as a few years ago, and maybe things have improved but there are plenty left to fix, and it feels like it should be trivially easy to do so.

Is there any chance you can dedicate someone to review the instructional text versus the workout/plan structure and correct the inconsistencies?

Failing that, piggybacking on someone else’s hard work I’ve extracted the XML workout definitions from the relevant wad file and can edit them myself, but don’t yet have a way to repackage them. If I were to provide either the modified XML files or something like a git diff file as I get round to them would you be willing to review and apply the changes?

Remind me in the New Year and I’ll see if we can have a look at this.

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Happy new year, and here’s your reminder :⁠-⁠) cheers

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