Wild Iris Cadence

The “Wild Iris” workout, which I’ve done twice now (it’s fantastic for a quick lunch spin!) has parts where it demands I ride with a cadence of 5 RPM… and then a cadence of -5 RPM!

What’s up with that? At least indoors you can’t fall over when doing that! :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of it running on my phone:
Google Photos

Looks like a bug with the workouts set up…

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Yep. If OP has access to a platform that can edit workouts, he can create a custom version of this and get rid of the error.

<IntervalsT Repeat="2" OnDuration="20" OffDuration="40" OnPower="1" OffPower="0.69999999" pace="0" Cadence="5" CadenceResting="-5">

You might want to contact @Adam_Edwards1 who was compiling a list of issues with workouts and propsing to work with the devs to fix them:

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