Cadence workout

I have had my kinetic smart trainer for about a month without any issues. Today I had a low cadence workout and failed pretty much everything. I would pedal really slow and it would still have me at 80. The only time I could get it into the 40s or 50s was when my avatar was going up a hill. I dont have any other devices that it would be getting information from. I had other times where it would tell me to spin faster, but then yell at me to reduce power.

I tried shifting and that didnt work.

Should EGR mode be off for cadence work outs?

Which Kinetic Smart Trainer are you using? Your trainer may not be truly capable of doing ERG mode.

Same here. Been free riding zwift for about a year without (many) issues. Now I am looking to do more structured workouts and found the cadence is way off.
I noticed during a hilly section of my route that the cadence follows the terrain, not my trainer.
Up hill the cadence readout on zwift lowers. On downhills it speeds up. All while my cadence remains constant. Do the mountain route and watch my cadence go from 20 to 80 all while my actual cadence remains the same.

Power seems to be accurate
Using Kinetic Smart Control

Is this a bug or non EGR supported trainer?