Candence completely wrong on Zwift, making workouts a nightmare


I have a kinetic rock and roll smart trainer which pairs to my zwift straight through the Bluetooth on my mac. I’m finding that although my wattage seems relatively accurate (if not a bit twitchy) my cadence is always way out. The kinetic is supposed to mimic the road on Zwift so when my avatar goes up hill it’s supposed to be harder but it’s like someone has just put an elephant on my back tyre and no matter how hard I’m thrashing the pedals and how fast I’m spinning my candence is still in the 40s and my wattage is barely reaching the target. It’s not just a problem on uphills, it generally just gets my cadence wrong even if I switch off the advanced features of the kinetic.

I wouldn’t mind so much as you can still do a decent amount with just making sure you hit the right zone, but it’s absolutely soul destroying on cadence based workouts.

Any help would be great.

Hi. Not helpful other than this happens to me using a WattBike Atom. Despite, for example, holding steady cadence on the flat the resistance will suddenly change, up to the point sometimes I am stood grinding just to get the pedals to turn.

What is different is that both the registered cadence and wattage will also fluctuate wildly as this happens, but the start point is the out of the blue resistance change.

I have tried altering the settings that control how zwift reacts to gradient changes, which did nothing. I was thinking connectivity, but the game seems fluid and the The Watt Bike app functions fine.

Hopefully someone who can offer some thoughts on this will pick up on this thread as I’ve begun to avoid Zwift in favour of the wattbike app… but it gets very boring :slight_smile:

I assume your trainer does not have a cadence sensor on the pedals but rely on fluctuations in power for each pedal stroke to calculate virtual cadence. The problem with this is if your pedal stroke is to smooth it wont pickup the fluctuations and if it is to jerky it will also calculate the wrong cadence.

I think your best bet is to add a separate cadence sensor to your pedals.

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Yup, what @Gerrie_Delport said, I’ve heard the cadence on most smart trainers is garbage, at least that’s what the Llama says.

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