Wattbike/Zwift cadence/power/HRM issues

Hey. Have been using a Wattbike atom for a while with Zwift. I’ve noticed an issue with wildly inconsistent figures. On a steady cycle, cadence will jump every few seconds by about 20 RPM. That obviously impact on power, so my output will jump up and down constantly despite being on a flat, at a steady pace. I’ve used the bike with the Wattbike app, and the figures don’t jump about, so I think it’s a Zwift issue. I also wonder whether it’s a Bluetooth connectivity problem? I have a phone, and Apple TV connected to the Atom at once. And there’s a Bluetooth HRM connected to the Apple TV at the same time. Any ideas? It’s twisting my melon man.

I agree it is looking like a Zwift issue. Last night I had the same on Kickr V6 (20-30 rpm more) and I just read another thread of somebody else having the same issue also on Kickr V6. It seems recent, for me it happened yesterday for the first time which coincides with the ver. 1.59 update.