Wattbike Next Gen - Hard sprints end up with the flywheel free-spinning

Hi All

I’m not sure if this is a Zwift related issue or Wattbike (I’ve reported to Wattbike Also) - but the other day I was forced to upgrade the Zwift app, and at the same time I thought “why not” and updated the firmware on the Wattbike to the latest April/Stable release.

Since then, whenever I really get a sprint on - either on an actual sprint or on a very fast decent, the resistance suddenly stops and the wheel on the Wattbike just goes into a free-spin. I can never catch it back up and have to wait for the wheel to slow down, meanwhile my rider is just stopped at the side and I have to begin from zero again.

Having foolishly upgraded the Zwift app and Wattbike at the same time I’ve no way to know which one is causing the issue but I know it wasn’t there before. I’ve done plenty of sprints in the past.

Any thoughts?

Its the Atom - Plenty of niggles with the Next Gen… Speak to Wattbike and they might need to send someone out to look at one of the sensors. There is a Atom facebook group which might be worth a visit to see if others have had similar issues

I’ve just had contact from them - it’s a firmware issue being resolved fairly soon. Apparently its the latest firmware with the issue and only for cadence above 120rpm.
They said they have a P1 priority on this and it should be resolved within days.

In fairness, I’ve had no issues with the Wattbike thus far (had it a few months). Companies can always have issues with firmware updates so for me its how you handle the complaints/issues - I raised a ticket this morning and had an update this afternoon, I can’t fault that really. For now I’ll steer clear of the sprints!

thanks for the quick response Lee