Cadence issue with Wattbike Atom

I have a Wattbike Atom 2nd generation and connect to Zwift with an iPad.

My cadence constantly displays 80/120 when I’m riding any route in Zwift. The only connections running are my HRM & Zwift. I don’t have the companion app or Wattbike Hub open.

Also, any incline on Zwift feels like climbing up a wall, even a 1% gradient.

I’m running the beta version of Wattbike and using gears rather than ERG.

Am I missing something obvious to resolve this issue?


Does the same thing happen if you try using the non-beta version?

Thanks for the comment James, it made me try a few things. I switched out of beta and back in again, then I updated the firmware and it solved the problem. My cadence, speed & power we’re all back to pre-Wattbike levels.

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